Amazon Vendor Analytics

Improve Your Amazon Business Through Better Insights

Make Crucial Decisions at the Speed of Amazon

More than ever, your success as a company is tied to Amazon is 4% of all retail sales and 44% of all eCommerce sales. Amazon is lightning fast, and Amazon Vendor Central provides you with an avalanche of reports that require constant analysis and deep understanding to find opportunities and correct issues.

Even if you are growing, there is an excellent chance that you can accelerate your sales with the right information, insight, and expertise to make crucial decisions at the speed of Amazon.

Using Etailytics and the Etailytics team is like adding sixty years of combined Ex-Amazon employee Vendor Central experience and success to your company.  

The Etailytics Advantage

Impactful Consulting

  • Monthly Business Review with Ex-Amazon Manager
  • Forecast Analysis
  • White Glove phone support
  • Opportunity identification
  • Issue troubleshooting
  • Best Practices papers, videos, training

Analytics Made Easy

  • 11 Vendor Central Reports consolidated for easy review
  • Important metrics that Amazon doesn’t give you (TTM COGs)
  • ASIN Page Rank
  • Understand the state of your Amazon business in 20 seconds

White Glove Support

  • Personal Ex-Amazon Manager
  • Direct Phone link for questions
  • Seattle-based team for onsite meetings
  • Sixty combined years of Amazon employee and work experience.

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Advanced Services for Amazon

Need advanced strategy, consulting, training, planning? Have a problem you can't navigate with Amazon? Advanced Services are your answer and our strength.

Analytics Dashboards Designed with Agencies in Mind

The Etailytics platform is designed not only for vendors, but includes powerful multi-vendor management and communication tools for use by consultants, agencies, and rep groups. Etailytics can be “white labeled” to allow agencies to easily manage all of their accounts and walk clients through their data. 

Advanced Amazon Services

Go-To-Market Consulting

  • Category analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis for content, reviews, questions
  • Price point analysis and optimization
  • Go to market planning
  • On site representation
  • AMG advertising negotiation
  • Amazon Global project management
  • Amazon Business 
  • Amazon UK, EU, CA, MX

Navigation Services

  • Catalog issue remediation
  • Pricing and profit analysis
  • Negotiating deductions
  • Chargeback analysis
  • Invoicing issues and analysis
  • Amazon returns issues
  • No Amazon POs
  • Products turned off
  • Import Programs
  • Amazon Global Programs

Amazon Training

  • Training by Ex-Amazon Managers
  • Vendor Central
  • Amazon Content
  • Amazon Supply Chain
  • Packaging for Amazon
  • Dropship Optimization
  • Amazon Promotions
  • AMS Advertising
  • AMG Advertising
  • Brand Registry