Actionable Analytics

Not Just Pretty Graphs

Improve Your Amazon Business Through Better Insights

Amazon eCommerce is lightning fast, and you need smart analytics to make informed decisions.

Etailytics pulls your Vendor Central data together into easily understandable dashboards that give you the ability to drill down to actionable insights and issues.

Go beyond the metrics with our full suite of eCommerce options.

  • Get monthly business analysis consultation for strategic coaching
  • Optimize your Amazon advertising to boost conversion with ADtailytics
  • Hire expert Amazon navigators to handle a wide range of vendor services

The Vendor Central Conundrum

Amazon provides a wealth of robust weekly and monthly metrics from ARA Basic in Vendor Central (sales, inventory, forecasts, in-stock, out-of-stock, and dozens more).

However, you have to access these data points across multiple reports and areas, and then tediously download them manually. Data also expires, causing gaps in understanding your Amazon business.

Become a Vendor Central Power User with Etailytics

Etailytics solves these problems by consolidating 11 Amazon Vendor Central portal reports and combining them with Amazon data feeds into secure, easy-to-view dashboards — enabling you to pinpoint problem areas, prevent chargebacks, and avoid missed projections.

You'll also be able to view monthly summaries or yearly trends in visualized charts for all metrics. Key data won't be lost when Vendor Central data expires because it will be in a secure database.

What You Get with Etailytics

Direct Data

Data is extracted directly from your Vendor Central account — no more downloads.

Track Trends

Track progress over time with Year-to-Date and Trailing-Twelve-Month reporting and graphs.

Identify Issues

Identifies issues against target metrics.

Track to Goals

Set targets and track progress of goals against the previous month.

ASIN-Level Product Details

See what drives your dashboard numbers, watch change over time, and incorporate Rank and Selling Price data.

Reliable, Secure Foundation

Scalable, reliable, and secure, the Etailytics platform is built on Ruby on Rails within an AWS foundation.

Go Beyond Amazon Metrics

The Etailytics monthly and yearly dashboards provide key missing metrics and calculate important performance metrics NOT provided directly in Amazon Vendor Central Reports, including:


Trailing-Twelve-Month COGS

Forecast to Actual
Sales and Units

Sales Rank
by ASIN by Month

Return Rate Dollars and Percentage

Etailytics Vendor Analytics Monthly Pricing

Kelvin 1.0 Plan

Up to 5,000 ASINs
  • $400 Monthly
  • 5 users + Admin + Billing
  • Big3 Top Metrics Graph
  • Month to Date, Monthly, Yearly Ops Metrics
  • Underlying Report Drilldown
  • CRAP Detector
  • ASIN Level Tracking
  • On Call Ex-Amazon Vendor Manager Business Analyst (billed per call)

Kelvin 2.0 Plan

+ Business Analyst
  • $1,500 Monthly
  • Everything in Kelvin 1.0 Plan
    – Plus –
  • Monthly Business Analyst Operations & Sales
    Review and Call
  • On-Call Analyst "Phone an Amazon Friend" (1 Hour)
  • Monthly Issue Support & Troubleshoot (1 Hour)

Kelvin 3.0 Plan

+ Business Analyst
+ Forecast Analysis
  • $2,250 Monthly
  • Everything in Kelvin 2.0 Plan
    – Plus –
  • Amazon Forecasting
    Analytics & Troubleshooting
  • PO Estimation
    from Forecast
  • Monthly Forecast Review and Analysis with Business Analyst (1 hour additional, 1 hour research)

Kelvin 4.0 Plan

+ Business Analyst
+ Forecast Analysis
+ AMS Advertising
  • $3,250 Monthly
    $400 One Time Set Up Fee
  • Everything in Kelvin 3.0 Plan
    – Plus –
  • AMS Marketing Dashboard
  • AMS Analyst Plans Your Campaigns
  • Create up to 7 Ad Campaigns
  • Advertising Tuning up to 7 ads
  • Manage and Tune Bids for up to 500 Keywords

* Base Account required; costs for Amazon Support Calls, Business Analyst, Forecast Module, and Forecast Analysts are additional to the Base Account charge.

Etailytics Add-Ons

Business Analysis

Schedule a monthly walk-through of your Etailytics dashboards with one of our Amazon-trained business analysts to review your account discuss the numbers, and help to diagnose issues as well as identify opportunities. Our Amazon account managers have a thorough understanding of Amazon measures and can dive deep into causality.

Forecasting Module & Analysis

Coming Soon -- We take Amazon's 25-week forecast and turn it into weekly hit lists of ASINs that need immediate attention. Know what products and quantities will be ordered. Get a weekly view list of products that have the greatest risk of going out of stock due to high demand, errors in replenishment code, low inventory, and many more.

Multi-Vendor Agency Discounts

The Etailytics platform is also designed for use by consultants, agencies, and rep groups that work with Amazon vendors. Etailytics can be “white labeled” to allow agencies to easily manage all of their accounts and walk clients through their data.

Learn more about the Etailytics Agency Model.