Etailytics Analytics Pricing

Monthly Software and Service Plans

Flexible Plans for Many Needs

Only pay for what you need. Choose from our basic Analytics dashboard package all the way up to a full-service plan with a monthly analyst and advertising support. Upgrade at any time. If you can't decide, schedule a call with David or Scott to walk you through the options.

Monthly Etailytics Plans

Kelvin 1.0 Plan

Up to 5,000 ASINs
  • $400 Monthly
  • 5 users + Admin + Billing
  • Big3 Top Metrics Graph
  • Month to Date, Monthly, Yearly Ops Metrics
  • Underlying Report Drilldown
  • CRAP Detector
  • ASIN Level Tracking
  • On Call Ex-Amazon Vendor Manager Business Analyst (billed per call)

Kelvin 2.0 Plan

+ Business Analyst
  • $1,500 Monthly
  • Everything in Kelvin 1.0 Plan
    – Plus –
  • Monthly Business Analyst Operations & Sales
    Review and Call
  • On-Call Analyst "Phone an Amazon Friend" (1 Hour)
  • Monthly Issue Support & Troubleshoot (1 Hour)

Kelvin 3.0 Plan

+ Business Analyst
+ Forecast Analysis
  • $2,250 Monthly
  • Everything in Kelvin 2.0 Plan
    – Plus –
  • Amazon Forecasting
    Analytics & Troubleshooting
  • PO Estimation
    from Forecast
  • Monthly Forecast Review and Analysis with Business Analyst (1 hour additional, 1 hour research)

Kelvin 4.0 Plan

+ Business Analyst
+ Forecast Analysis
+ AMS Advertising
  • $3,250 Monthly
    $400 One Time Set Up Fee
  • Everything in Kelvin 3.0 Plan
    – Plus –
  • AMS Marketing Dashboard
  • AMS Analyst Plans Your Campaigns
  • Create up to 7 Ad Campaigns
  • Advertising Tuning up to 7 ads
  • Manage and Tune Bids for up to 500 Keywords

* Base Account required; costs for Amazon Support Calls, Business Analyst, Forecast Module, and Forecast Analysts are additional to the Base Account charge.

What's Inside Etailytics Dashboards

Direct Data

Data is extracted directly from your Vendor Central account — no more downloads.

Track Trends

Track progress over time with Year-to-Date and Trailing-Twelve-Month reporting and graphs.

Identify Issues

Identifies issues against target metrics.

Track to Goals

Set targets and track progress of goals against the previous month.

ASIN-Level Product Details

See what drives your dashboard numbers, watch change over time, and incorporate Rank and Selling Price data.

Reliable, Secure Foundation

Scalable, reliable, and secure, the Etailytics platform is built on Ruby on Rails within an AWS foundation.