The Importance of Great Detail Page Experience

There are dozens of little decisions that need to be made with every detail page on Amazon. Just one wrong decision can prevent you from growing quickly to a top category product.

Success on Amazon starts with an optimized Detail Page Experience (DPX), and each of these elements require thought and strategy to ensure your detail page produces a higher conversion rate, improved search ranking, and better customer reviews,

Here are three key strategies we use at Etailytics enhance the Detail Page Experience — ranging from the simple to the holistic.

1. Mobile-Focused Content

With the majority of shoppers using their phones to browse and shop Amazon (via the Amazon mobile app or a mobile web browser), it's important to distill the most important features and benefits of your product where it can be quickly glanced and grab the customer.

A mobile-rendered Amazon detail page displays the first 200 characters of a Product Description and the first three (of five) Feature Bullets. We develop content that focuses what's most important about your offering in those initial 200 characters, and support it with keyword-rich detail in the three Feature Bullets.

We also work to balance the content so that the bullets and description intro work in tandem to answer a customer's most important questions — why is this product the right one for me, and is this a good value with the benefits I'm looking for?

2. A+ Comparison Table Improves Product Discovery

Amazon's A+ Content is an integral DPX element, enabling you to tell a narrative of your product by combining your key marketing messaging with feature details balanced by rich graphical elements.

One of the most important elements of Amazon's A+ publishing tool is the comparison table module. Beyond intra-product line comparison, this module is also a great tool for improving customer discovery of other products in your catalog — from accessories to introducing different product offerings sold by your company.

3. Dynamic SEO is a Never-Ending Story

A great detail page continuously evolves. New lifestyle images should be added periodically and content can be updated based on customer sentiment. SEO, however, should change monthly. We consider it a never-ending story. We use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising data to influence hidden and non-hidden keywords. The process involves taking high-converting AMS keywords and phrases and adding them to the browse hidden keywords. If the keywords convert high enough, and aren’t already in the title, bullets, or description, we will add them.

The result? This strategy creates higher search relevance between customer search keywords/phrases and the products. It lowers the cost of advertising, displaying ads more frequently, and increasing the product’s search rank.

Bonus Strategy - Sentiment Analysis Improves Customer Interaction

A broader, more holistic approach to helping shape the Detail Page Experience is performing a sentiment analysis exercise. We take a deep dive into customer reviews to surface any frustrations that are creating negative reviews, as well as understand what features customers appreciate the most.

We then take those findings and shape content messaging to address potential dissatisfaction (such as improving explanation of usage or installation) to help dial down customer returns, as well as amplify positive aspects of the product that can improve conversion.

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by Agen Schmitz
Etailytics Content Manager

Published 3/1/2018