Etailytics Vendor Analytics Platform Launched

by Etailytics Staff

Etailytics is a new software platform designed to accelerate Amazon Vendor success through better insights into the Vendor Central portal.

October 16, 2017 - After months of development, Etailytics officially ended their beta test period today and launched an Amazon Vendor Analytics platform for the United States. Etailytics is an analytics, business decision making, and management platform supported by seasoned Ex-Amazon business analysts and valuable business-accelerating services. Etailytics consolidates 11 Amazon Vendor Central portal reports and combines them with Amazon data feeds into secure, easy-to-view dashboards — enabling Vendors to pinpoint opportunities as well as problem areas, prevent chargebacks, and avoid missed projections.

Amazon vendor portal reports (Vendor Central) are turned into graphical data and dashboards with the ability to drill down to actionable insights and issues. The platform helps companies improve their Amazon business by tracking goals, flagging issues in key operational measures, and surfacing underlying cause at the item, shipment, and PO level. Business analysts (all former Amazon managers) are available to interpret results.

Not just a software platform, Etailytics offers a variety of services that include research-based detail page experience (Page UX), including A+ page development, optimized content for search relevancy, and a mobile-first approach.

Etailytics is also a world-class digital advertising agency with ADtailytics. They specialize in Amazon Marketing Services’ pay-per-click advertising platform as well as Amazon Advertising Services’ push-based advertising program. ADtailytics uses algorithm-based advertising optimization and a full suite of e-commerce consulting options.

“We are all excited about the launch and I welcome Amazon Vendors who are data focused to join our free trial”, said Etailytics CEO David McLean. “Our team has worked extremely hard to launch the Etailytics platform and there are a lot more features and modules on the way.”

The platform was built to not just support individual companies, but can be used in a multi-company mode by consultants, agencies, and rep groups that work with Amazon vendors. Etailytics can be “white labeled” to allow agencies to easily manage all of their accounts and walk clients through their data. The system features automated report downloads into a secured database.

Future additions to the platform, including a forecasting analyzer, will be coming in Q4 2017.

About Etailytics

Etailytics was developed by passionate e-commerce business analysts, brand strategists, LEAN improvement coaches, and software developers who use Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon data daily to support the success of Brands. They have leveraged forty combined years of experience as ex-Amazon employees and current Amazon Navigators to deliver a unique software solution. For more information, visit

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Press Contact: Scott Panno