Deadline Approaches for Amazon Stores Switch

by Agen Schmitz, Etailytics Content Manager

If you have a brand store built in Amazon Pages from Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), you'll need to migrate to the new Amazon Stores tool soon to preserve your brand store. Here are the dates to keep in mind:

October 31 — Any Amazon Pages without active Headline Search ads aimed at will be turned off. If you have active advertising, the Amazon Pages brand store will stay live, but cannot be edited.

December 31 — All Amazon Pages brand stores will be turned off.

The Amazon Stores tool adds more publishing power and flexibility to your brand store, providing an updated, modern design, pre-built templates (with options to customize), and the capability to publish multiple linked pages.


While you can build a simple single page brand store like with the previous Amazon Pages tool, the real power of the new Amazon Stores tool comes with the ability to essentially build your own mini website. This is great for:

  • Differentiating lines, styles, flavors, and more within your product mix
  • Highlighting individual products for links from Headline Search ads

The Amazon Stores tool also provides a richer palette for building your brand presence and telling the story of your products via lifestyle imagery, embedded videos, and multiple options for text. Compare this previous Amazon Pages brand store with the front page of the Amazon Stores implementation:

Getting started with Amazon Stores is pretty painless, as the tool provides several pre-made templates:

  • Product Grid — Standard display of products in square tiles
  • Highlight — Great for showcasing a product line or a top model
  • Marquee — Mix of options for blending imagery with product tiles

Amazon Stores also offers the option to create your own layout with a Blank template, which can be filled tiled layouts of your choosing that can be filled with any of the four tile options — Product, Text, Video, or Image.

Before building your Amazon Stores brand page, we recommend first mapping out your site based on your product mix, your marketing messaging, and plans for using in conjunction with Headline Search ads.

An Etailytics account manager can work with you to develop an Amazon Stores strategy and site map, and then build your Amazon Stores storefront. Contact us today.


by Agen Schmitz
Etailytics Content Manager

Published 10/15/2017