Amazon Vendor Analytics
for Agencies, Consultants & Rep. Groups

Solve Customer Problems Faster

Agency Friendly by Design

Consultants, agencies, and rep groups can bring added value to their multiple vendors and brands with the Etailytics Agency Model.

  • Quickly reference all accounts
  • Secure Logins for your customers
  • Save data entry time with Etailytics automated report extraction
  • Link customer communications directly to issues on their dashboards
  • Receive notifications of problems and email alarms

Using Etailytics, you'll be able to spend more time on analysis instead of manually downloading and collating reports, enabling you to show your vendors how to make more money selling to Amazon.

White Label Option

The Etailytics Agency Model can also be “white labeled” — offering easy management of all vendors (with multiple account managers per vendor) and enabling you to walk clients through their data to get to actionable results.

Agency Big 3 Graph

Etailytics Agency Discounts

5 to 14 Vendors

10% discount per vendor

15 to 40 Vendors

20% discount per vendor

More than 40 Vendors

Call for pricing

Requires Etailytics Base Account for each vendor. Amazon Support Calls, Business Analyst, and Forecast Analyst add-ons are not offered or displayed to vendors.