Understand and Grow Your Amazon Vendor Business

Your Amazon Vendor Business is a crucial part of your overall Go-To-Market Strategy. With good data you can accelerate business growth, avoid chargebacks, and identify opportunities.

Amazon’s Vendor Central analytics are time-consuming to download, and complex to analyze. They are arguably incomplete and inadequate for identifying trends and patterns. Bottom line, it’s difficult to make actionable decisions based on the metrics and reports from Amazon.

The Etailytics Platform cuts out the friction in downloading and analyzing Amazon Vendor Central data. It’s the dashboard that lets you finally see how your Amazon business is performing. You get actionable insight into key top performance measures, system alarms against targets, and drill downs to the item level.

Etailytics Services enhance the platform with a comprehensive selection of services that drive Amazon search rank and discoverability, accelerating your success.

The Etailytics Difference: A Complete Solution

More than just metrics software, the Etailytics platform helps you realize the full potential of your Amazon channel with a comprehensive menu of services tailored to improving advertising, content, inventory accuracy, and more.

- Insight and Action -
Etailytics Vendor Analytics

Etailytics gathers Vendor Central metrics data into actionable dashboards — improving your Amazon business by quickly identifying issues and tracking to goals. Pair it with monthly business analysis to better understand opportunities for accelerating growth.

- Create Conversion -
ADtailytics Ad Optimization

ADtailytics software and services make it easy to plan, test, and deploy AMS advertising with campaign and progress reporting that details your spend efficiency and success. Using proprietary algorithms, ads are tuned to minimize keyword bids, maximize impressions, and reduce average cost of sales (aCOS).


- Accelerate Growth -
On-Demand Vendor Services

Once you establish your Amazon footing, our business analysts and Amazon navigators offer a robust menu of services — including strategic go-to-market consulting, content optimization, process improvement, and more. You'll get better reviews, work more effectively and efficiently, and accelerate your sales even more!

Working in Synergy to Accelerate Your Amazon Vendor Business

Working in synergy together, Etailytics vendor analytics, ADtailytics AMS advertising, and Etailytics On-Demand Services combine to accelerate your Amazon sales growth. You will enjoy success with greater speed and certainty than any single solution or collection of separately offered solutions. Here are some of the many ways these systems and services will help you:

  • Etailytics metrics identifies opportunities, targets, and inventory issues
  • Data-driven detail page content optimization for keywords and readability from Adtailytics keywords
  • Enhanced A+ detail pages reduce barriers to customer purchasing decisions
  • ADtailytics tuning optimizes bidding to lower aCOS
  • LEAN approach to process improvement boosts profitability
  • Team capabilities enhanced through training on Amazon tools

Built By Amazon Navigators

The Etailytics platform was developed by passionate ex-Amazon managers, eCommerce business analysts, brand strategists, LEAN improvement coaches, and software developers who use Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon data daily to support the success of Brands.

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